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AlluCompany is developing innovate food & beverage products using an incredible non-glycemic rare sugar!

Allulose rare sugar from figs

Our Story

After years of family struggles with diabetes, our search for the ideal alternative to sugar began. From artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose to other natural alternatives like stevia and monk fruit, they all left a horrible aftertaste. Then we discovered Allulose and began formulating food and beverages using this incredible ingredient. Creating products that are zero glycemic, keto safe, zero net carbs but most importantly, taste identical to sugar with no weird diet aftertaste.

Allulose Beverage Soda Tea Drinks
Best Things in Life are Sweet

Love Sugar.

Hate Sugar.

There is no denying the allure of real sugar yet we all know the health hazards associated with consuming too much sugar. Countless alternatives have surfaced to meet this rising demand but none with a flavor profile that is identical to sugar until allulose. No more weird aftertaste, no more blood sugar spikes but all the great taste you expect.

Allulose Sugar Cubes

Benefits of Allulose


Real Natural Sugar

Allulose is an FDA approved rare sugar with the sameĀ  molecular structure as glucose and derived from natural sources.

Zero Glycemic & 0g Sugar

Allulose is not metabolized resulting in a zero glycemic index and 1/10th the calories per gram compared to regular sugar. Keto and Diabetic safe.

Tastes Exactly Like Sugar

Same exact taste profile as regular sugar because allulose is a real sugar. 70% less sweet with no diet or artificial aftertaste.

Introducing AlluSoda
Our first allulose brand

Get Healthy on Allulose and AlluSoda only at AlluCompany!
Allulose from figs

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