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AlluSoda - allulose craft soda

The search for a perfect sugar-free soda

Frustrated with the horrible aftertaste of “diet” and “zero-sugar” sodas but trying to reduce our overall sugar intake led us to develop our very own craft soda. Sweetened with 100% allulose,  our soda’s have a crisp bold flavor, exact sweetness profile as regular sugar and NO strange aftertaste. All natural ingredients, zero net carbs, zero glycemic, keto safe and less than 20 calories per 12oz (355mL) serving. 

Our Roadmap

As a private family owned business, we our pouring our love and finances into this business. Launching a beverage and investing in formulations, distribution, sales & marketing is an expensive endeavor. We are starting with an initial line of core soda beverages and will launch additional flavors as we grow. In addition, we have ambitions to build on the foundation of allulose based products and expand into other beverages such as teas, mixers, wine & spirits.

Finally, expanding beyond beverages, we are also exploring candy and snacks such as cookies, bars & chips. We embarked on this journey sparked with a passion for developing food & beverage products that were a healthier alternative to sugar that tasted amazing. We hope you join us on this journey as we grow our products over time.


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