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Our family has dealt with chronic type-2 diabetes for generations so understanding the causes, lifestyle and diet impact have been top of mind for us for years. Naturally, trying to live a healthy lifestyle meant reducing our sugar intake. Eliminating sugar-based beverages was one of the first steps we took as a family. This hasn’t been easy.

Alternative beverages that actually taste good are hard to come by. At restaurants we would often order half-sweet / half-unsweet tea thinking this has half the sugar content as regular sweet tea. But in reality, sugar content was still high. We tried a variety of “diet” drinks with artificial sweeteners and hated the strange aftertaste that lingered.

We tried them all. We disliked the taste so much that it was not worth it to us to drink. Of course, there was always water and now-a-days, a ton of flavored sparkling water choices that are decent. But still, we would crave a simple soda. Then in 2019, we started reading some research and learning about a relatively new sweetener. This one was an actual rare sugar originally coming from figs and raisins that had the same chemical formula as glucose.

We learned that the taste of sugar is much more than the amount of “sweetness” but actually a distinct flavor profile curve. Allulose mirrored traditional sugar so the taste was identical but about 70% as sweet. In fact, it is so identical to traditional sugar, you can cook and bake with it and it browns and caramelizes just like sugar. However, there is one molecular bond that is different and your body does not process Allulose like sugar which results in zero grams of sugar being absorbed and zero net carbs.

After a couple of years of research, taste testing, reading countless studies, our excitement grew for this incredible ingredient and we decided to form a food and beverage company focused exclusively on developing products sweetened with Allulose.

Allulose from figs

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